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Themed Nights

So you are planning a night with theme, then Disco Inferno can help....

Themed nights can be a lot of fun, in fact some of the best parties we have played at had a theme. And when it's a themed night we get 100% involved.

There are two kinds of themed nights, one where it follows a particular theme such as halloween and two when it's based on music, say a 70's disco night, this is our particular favouirte, we are called Disco Inferno after all. But what if you want a themed night and you're not sure what you want? Here are a few ideas starting with some musical ones.

70's Disco Night
80's Night
New Romantic Night
Rave Night
School Night
Gangsters and Molls or Roaring Twenties
Halloween Night

Okay, now you know we think themed nights are great, what can you expect from us? If it's a musical night we'll be able to play the theme all night from our huge collection, we could even go as far as playing all 70's vinyl to give it that authentic feel (no mp3's in those days) or if it's fancy dress we'll be dressed up looking and playing the part. So book Disco Inferno and make your themed night the best it can possibly be... Click here to make an enquiry...

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